How can I set or remove Torch Torrent or PDF as my default torrent client or PDF reader?

You can make Torch your default Torrent client even if you already have a client.
Click on "Tools icon" icon  >> Settings>> Scroll down to "Default torrent application", and click on the “Make Torch my default torrent application” button.

How can you remove Torch as the default torrent client?
As with most software, this option is not available. In order to stop one application from being the default you must select another application to be your new default. By doing this, the old default setting will be replaced with your new default selection (set within the new application).

PDF files are quite simple to change, and there are various ways to manage this. If you Right Click on the PDF file, Windows will give you the option to open the file with your PDF reader, as well as give you the option to set default reader. 

Also, you can adjust this setting within Torch by simply entering the Torch plugins.  If you type into the URL address bar of Torch browser the following: torch://plugins the plugins page will appear. Scroll down to Chrome PDF Viewer and disable it. Then scroll down further to Adobe Reader and disable it as well. Close and then re-open Torch.

PDF plugin

On some older versions of Adobe Reader, you may need to enter into Adobe Reader as well and disable the Display PDF in browser option.
You can do this by opening Adobe Reader, Select the File menu, then Properties, then Internet.

Also, all defaults for Torrents as well as PDF files can be set within the Windows defaults option. You can review these adjustments within Windows help by searching Set Defaults.



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