What is it and how does it work?

Download faster, effortlessly

Have you ever wondered why your download speeds are much slower than your Internet connection speed? This is due to inherent inefficiencies in some Internet protocols. Torch includes a built in download accelerator to increase your download speeds. Torch downloads faster by splitting files into chunks and then downloading multiple chunks simultaneously. This increases the utilization of your Internet connection and effective download speeds.

Easily pause and resume downloads

Large files can take a long time to download even when accelerated by Torch. Sometimes, you need to shut down your browser or PC before your downloads complete, and your partial downloads are lost. This is not the case with Torch! Torch knows how to preserve your partial downloads until the next time you start Torch. Your downloads will then resume from the same place. This saves you valuable time and bandwidth.

Automatic and transparent

Torch's built in download accelerator kicks in automatically when needed. There is absolutely nothing for you to configure or install.


The Download Accelerator will only accelerate your file downloads, it will not affect page loading, Media Grabber, or Torrent features. If you perform a Right-Click and Save file, or Save file as, this will not activate the Accelerator and the download will go via the default Chromium downloader.  Some sites may not permit the accelerator, in order to by-pass such restrictions, just Right-Click the download link and choose Save As


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