How to know if the download is accelerated?

As you probably know, Chrome's download progress indicator looks like this:

Download indicator

With Torch, the progress indicator looks different. In this example, Torch downloads the file using four chunks simultaneously, and the blue line indicates the total progress. As you can see, the download is faster:

Download indicator

Basically, if your download indicator has orange in it, you are using the Torch Download Accelerator.


The Download Accelerator will only accelerate your file downloads, it will not affect page loading, Media Grabber, or Torrent features. If you perform a Right-Click and Save file, or Save file as, this will not activate the Accelerator and the download will go via the default Chrome downloader.  Some sites may not permit the accelerator, in order to by-pass such restrictions, just Right-Click the download link and choose Save As.

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