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Hola for Torch is not available in all regions. However, if you do not have Hola installed within your extensions, you can do so via the Chrome webstore at  Make sure to select from the Extensions, and not the Apps section.

What is the Hola for Torch?

Hola for Torch provides you the ability to view sites that are otherwise censored. Hola for Torch is a free, configurable VPN service. It is useful for seeing how a web site looks like from a certain geography, or for overcoming censorship (e.g. seeing Facebook from a country where it is unavailable), bypassing your local LAN firewall for seeing a site in its native language (e.g. seeing the Spanish news site as it appears to Spanish users), etc.

How do I use Hola for Torch?

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Open Torch Browser, click the Hola for Torch button (image), turn Hola on, and select the List of Sites.  Find the desired Channel/site that you wish to view and Turn it On. Then just click on the link of that Channel and start watching.

What to do if I don't see my favorite channel on the list?

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How can I see a site which is blocked to my Geo-Loc, or local network, proxy or firewall?
After installation click on "Hola for Torch" , then click on the Hola icon next to "Facebook"

What is the Hola for Torch accelerator?

The Hola for Torch accelerator is an additional feature we provide that speeds up your internet connection. It works by sharing the idle resources of its users for the benefit of all. This feature will not accelerate downloads of files. Hola for Torch accelerator is turned off by default. If you turn it on, and you come to encounter problems with downloading files, just turn it back off.  No worries when doing this, it will not turn off the Torch Download Accelerator.


Does Hola for Torch share any of my personal information with the rest of the Hola for Torch community?

No. Hola for Torch handles your HTTP requests exactly like HTTP web proxies do according to the HTTP RFC standards, and in a similar way to how ISPs do it in the normal course of your browsing. That also covers 'Cache:' public/private HTTP headers and the correct handling of them.

How can content owners make sure that a piece of content doesn't get cached by Hola for Torch?
Easy: They can use HTTP's standard 'Cache-Control: private,no-store' in requests/responses, and Hola for Torch will not cache this information.

Can I use Hola for Torch with my Antivirus?
Some Antivirus programs may need Program Exceptions added in order for Hola for Torch to install and work.

My antivirus software is marking some files related to Hola for Torch as unsafe, are they?
This is a false positive report. The file it's catching is part of the Hola for Torch smart cache (you can mark it as safe, don't delete). We are working with the top antivirus vendors to get Hola for Torch completely whitelisted so that these types of false positives don't disturb our users.


If I use OpenDNS, does Hola interfere with it?
It could, because Hola for Torch also implements a patented DNS resolution algorithm and it may/may not use OpenDNS on your computer, depending on various parameters of the configuration of your computer. So the short answer is: try it out and if it works for you.

Can I use Hola for Torch together with another VPN service?
Using two VPN services at once can cause un-expected behavior. If you'd like to use two VPN services, simply quit Hola for Torch while using the other VPN service, and when you want to use Hola again close the other VPN service.

I'm using Hola for Torch to visit a 'membership only' site. Do I still need to register as a user or pay the website?
You still need to register and pay for sites that require this, even when using Hola for Torch. Also, you must always comply with the site's terms of use.

Can I run Hola for Torch on a virtual machine? Can I run it on both the host and guest systems simultaneously?
Yes, Hola for Torch works on Windows, even if running under VMWare. However, you should close the Hola for Torch client on the host system before you open the virtual machine, and never try to run Hola for Torch on both the host and guest operating systems at once.

Can I use Hola for Torch in my modem?
Not right now. At this point Hola for Torch only supports Windows


I have problems with my Hola for Torch -- what should I do?

Try each of these separately:

  • Disable and Enable Hola
  • Make sure that you have the Hola script for the site enabled (i.e. that the 'button' for this site is marked green on the Hola settings page)
  • Reset the Hola script by clicking it off, then on again
  • Try forcing the site to reload by pressing the CTRL key and F5 (or Shift key + refresh button)
  • Clear your browser's cache, including the cookies (typically under 'Settings' > 'Privacy' or keyboard shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE)
  • Disable any other VPN (Virtual Private Server) or other proxy software or extensions running on the computer.

These extensions are known to have problems working together with Hola, we recommend disabling them when using Hola:

  • IE Tab
  • Avast WebRep
  • Flash Blocker
  • NoScript

These Chromium settings may have problems running together with Hola for Torch. Disable or remove these settings and try again:

  • SPDY
  • HTTP Pipelining
  • Try disabling your Anti Virus or Firewall to see if they are causing the problem.

Is there a way to move the Hola for Torch Icon from the browser toolbar or the tray area?
We know that this can be annoying, and we'll work on making it moveable / hidden in the near future :-).

What can I do if I suspect that Hola is causing a problem?
You can turn Hola for Torch off via the app: just click the orange smiley flame button. When he goes gray our service is off, and so everything should be just as if we're uninstalled. Now you can check again if Hola for Torch was causing the problem or not.

How can I turn Hola off?
Here are your different options for stopping Hola for Torch:
Turning off the Accelerator: Note: When the Hola for Torch Accelerator is turned off: None of your Internet traffic passes through Hola for Torch. You don't send or receive any traffic from the Hola for Torch network. Local Hola for Torch cache is turned off, so nothing is saved locally by Hola for Torch. Hola for Torch DOES continue to manage and accelerate your DNS requests.

Windows: Turn off Accelerator by pressing the Hola for Torch icon, then turn off the Accelerator

Quitting Hola for Torch:
You can turn Hola for Torch completely off (Note: the Hola for Torch drivers on Windows may remain loaded so it may still conflict with other network/antivirus/firewall apps running) Click the Hola for Torch icon and select 'Quit Hola' (or turn it to 'off')

Problems with connections or downloading?
Make sure the Hola for Torch accelerator is turned off.  No worries when doing this, it will not turn off the Torch download accelerator.


How do I uninstall Hola for Torch?
You can uninstall Hola for Torch as follows:
Right-click the Hola for Torch icon. Click "Remove from Torch" Click Remove in the popup

I have a problem that's not on this list. Any recommendations?
Send us ticket with details about your problem, and we'll try to figure out the problem with you.
You can do so via our support site Open Ticket Page

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