What is Torch Facelift?
Torch Facelift is a feature in Torch browser which allows you to design and customize your personal Facebook experience.
You can change colors, set a background picture, modify fonts, etc.
Do other people see the customizations I made to my Facebook page?
Only your Facebook friends who also use Torch Browser will be able to see your customizations. If your friends are viewing your Facebook page with a browser other than Torch, they will not be able to see your changes.
Does Torch Facelift change any Facebook content – for example posts or ads?
Absolutely not! Facelift only customizes some ‘look and feel’ aspects of the page. All the posts and ads you see are identical to what you would see without Facelift.
How do I enable Facelift?
Go to and sign in. Then, click the colorful Facelift icon icon at the right side of the URL bar, and the TorchFacelift menu will open. Click on the item you want to customize.

 FaceLift icon

How do I disable specific Facelift features?
Click the colorful Facelift icon icon at the right side of the URL bar and the Torch Facelift menu will open.
Click on the ’ icon on right side of the customization you want to disable. Once an ‘X’ appears on the right side, it will be disabled.
Facelift is not visible or not working properly.
Try opening your Torch extensions via the Torch menu button >> Tools >> Extensions, and you will see at the top right of the page "Developers mode". Flag this and then click on "Update extensions now".   Once you open up a new tab, with Facebook, it should correct the issue. 
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