How to manage playlists with Torch Music

At the moment, play lists can only be created by signing in with your Facebook account via the web application. Not via the mobile app.  You may run Torch Music Web via the Torch Browser interface by clicking on the icon Torch Music, or via another browser, by simply going to Once there, simply log-in with your Facebook account and manage all your playlists. At the bottom of the media player you will see the Playlist Button.

Torch Music Player


After adding to the Media Player all the songs that you want, just click on the Playlist Button and then click on Save As or New Playlist.  These playlists will now remain under your user log-in, and are also available for play via the mobile application.

If you want to see your playlists, Plays, and Library, simply log into Torch Music with your Facebook sign-in and then click on your username icon, which will appear in the top right of the Torch music screen. This will cause the middle pane of Torch Music to revert to your personal plays, playlists and library.

To add songs to an already existing playlist, load the Playlist and add songs to it by utilizing the "+" symbol on each selected track. Once the desired tracks have been added, just click on the 'Save' button and select Save As. Or, just load 1 track, and select the Add To option.

In order to delete a playlist make sure that you are logged into Torch Music. At the top right of Torch Music, you will see your user name, simply click on it and your Plays will load. Once loaded select Playlists at the top. Choose the playlist that you want to manage and at the top of the playlist you will see a small pencil appear, when you click on it you will be given options, such as, Rename, or Delete.

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