Provide network data for investigating bugs

How to provide network data for investigating bugs for Windows:

  • Create a new tab and go to torch://net-internals
  • Reproduce the network problem in another tab. It is important to do this only after opening net-internals
  • Attach results to your exisisting open ticket. Include any relevant URLs or details to focus on.
  • If the problem that you want to log happens very early and you cannot enbable logging through torch://net-internals, you can add a command line argument to Torch to start logging as early as possible.
  • The argument to add is:  --log-net-log=C:\Any_path_in_your_computer\Any_filename.txt   See example below in "how to specify command line flags"...

How to dump the network event log:

Select "Export" from the drop-box in the top left. Add details inside the text box, and click the "Save to file" button.

Event logs


How to specify command line flags:

Let's say that you want to add a command line flag to Torch, like the one mentioned above:


  1. Exit all running instances of Torch.
  2. Find the shortcut you normally use to launch Torch
  3. Create a copy of it. See image #1
  4. Right click on the new shortcut and select Properties.
  5. At the very end of the Target line, paste the mentioned flag. See image #2
  6. Double click the new shortcut copy in order to launch Torch with the new command line flag. The logs will automatically save to the path and file name that you designated in the flag. Find that file and attach it to your open ticket for our review.

Image #1

Image #2
Notice that in the Target field, we have added the flag " --log-net-log..." one space after the Torch.exe file name. Of course you will need to replace the Any_path_in_your_computer with a valid folder name.



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