Blank page, web pages not loading, Socket not connected errors.


This is a known issue which has already been reported to the Chromium project, and can be reviewed at:!topic/chrome/3oJZY2Qu-Mk Nevertheless, you're here for solutions, and so are we. Therefore, we have compiled various user reported fixes to this Chromium delema, in the hopes of making all of our lives simpler.  Try them one at a time, and please report back to us with your results so that we can keep track of which fix works best.

After each fix, and before trying anew, make sure that you first clear the cache and history, or close Torch, and then re-open Torch to see if the issue is resolved.

When doing these fixes, make sure that you are signed into Torch

1. Clear your history & Cache [How to clear history and cache]  and try again.

Did not resolve, please continue...

In the Torch address bar, type  torch://net-internals  and then click the pull-down menu and select Socket. Once the Socket page loads, click the button Flush socket pools. You can also Close idle sockets.


Close and re-open browser and try again.

Did not resolve, please continue...

Go to settings > Show advanced settings > network > change proxy settings > lan settings > and uncheck "automatically detect settings".

Did not resolve, please continue...

2. Disable all extensions [How to disable extensions]  Disable ALL EXTENSIONS (you can activate them again later, one at a time). It has also been reported that certain softwares like Sendori, and adblocker, do cause the Chromium blank page issue. Best to disable them. Also, make sure that you do not have any malware similar to Sendori [how to remove Sendori], because Chromium is very sensitive to such unwanted installations.  Clear browser cache and try again.

Did not resolve, please continue...

Before moving on, try to run Torch with a command switch.  Find the Torch shortcut on your desktop (not on your taskbar). Right click it and select Properties. In the Target field you should see the current path. At the end of the path, add the command switch " --disable-gpu ".  It should look like this; C:\Users\YOUR WINDOWS USER NAME\AppData\Local\Torch\Application\torch.exe --disable-gpu [leave a space between the ...exe and the switch command].

Did not resolve, please continue...

3. Reboot Internet router/modem (always good to refresh modem cache and network congestion, just turn it off for a miniute and then turn it back on.) Clear browser cache and try again.

Did not resolve, please continue...

4. Uninstall - Reinstall [How to uninstall -  reinstall correctly]

Did not resolve, please continue...

5. Incognito - Try to open Torch in Incognito Window [Ctrl+Shift+N ]. Does this resolve the issue?

6. Winsock reset to default - Many users have reported the following to be successful;  In the Windows start button text field, simply write:
netsh winsock reset This will reset your Winsock network connection back to default. For more information concerning Winsock, please see:


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