Flash or Shockwave issues


Being that Chromium handles it's own internal Flash drivers, from time to time you may experience incompatibility due to Flash or Shockwave plugins being outdated, or conflicting.  Since Flash in Chromium is an internal plugin, rather than using your OS Flash installation, and which is automatically updated via the Chromium interface, updating your Adobe Flash which may be installed on your OS is of no use. Chromium Flash must be updated via the Chromium browser update. You can check the current status of your Flash for Chromium at:

You can also check  all plug-ins at " torch://plugins " [just paste that into the URL address bar], here you can disable, enable or allow various plugins, such as Flash, as well as see the current version of the plug-in. 

When the plug-ins pane opens, Just click on the " + " sign at the far right of the page to open up all installed plugins.

If you do experience issues due to conflict, find the Flash plug in in the torch://plugins link.  There may be two. Try and disable the older one and see if this solves the issue. More than likely the Flash which may be causing the issue is NPAPI version of Flash, if you have it installed and enabled, try disabling this one since Chromium will no longer fully support the NPAPI Flash, and will revert to the PPAPI Flash instead.


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