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To download the latest version of Torch, CLICK HERE. * See SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS.
To use Torch, it is recommended that you use the following system requirements: WINDOWS OS: Win7, Win8 (XP and Vista are no longer supported) 700 MB of free disk space
Current version of Torch for Windows
Torch Browser is User Unique, and therefore it will only save your settings, bookmarks, passwords etc, if you are signed in. If you are not signed in, Torch will treat all of your changes and your browsing history as a temporary user or Guest account. ...
To clear all of your history, simply click on the Torch MENU BUTTON And then click on HISTORY from the Drop-down menu: Then click on CLEAR ALL BROWSING DATA... : A new window will appear. Check the first 3 options, and make sure the setting \"TH...
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